Deliver lasting value-based mental health care to your patients

deprexis® provides personalized, adaptable and fully automated digital treatment to your patients, while allowing you to stay in control of their care plans.


Complement and Expand the Care You Offer

deprexis® flexibly integrates into your treatment plan and is designed to help you integrate psychotherapy into your care concept, without demanding more staff training or time.

Increase Patient Reach

deprexis® offers a clinically validated digital treatment to support patients with depressive symptoms, allowing you to increase your patient reach, cost effectiveness and revenue.

Deepen Your Patient’s Engagement

Using CBT and other psychotherapeutic principles, deprexis® teaches patients self-management, so you can focus on deepening your counseling and therapy during in-person sessions.

Easy Integration

deprexis®’ fully automated, AI-powered technology can be easily integrated into any existing care plan. deprexis® can also be accessed through all devices with internet capabilities, allowing patients to integrate methods that help them manage their depression anytime, anywhere, in the available language most convenient to them.

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Real Science, Real Evidence

RCTs demonstrate deprexis®’ effectiveness, safety and suitability.

Effective Depression Treatment

Nine independent studies conducted with deprexis® have demonstrated its effectiveness and have confirmed the increase in benefits when deprexis® is added to existing care plans.

Bonnet et al. (2018) Zwerenz et al. (2017) Berger et al. (2017) Beevers et al. (2017) Klein et al. (2016) Meyer et al. (2015) Moritz et al. (2012) Berger et al. (2011) Meyer et al. (2009)

Effective Treatment of Comorbid Depression

Depression is especially prevalent in patients with severe medical conditions and disorders. deprexis® has been shown to effectively treat depression as a comorbidity of epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and gambling disorder.

Bücker et al. (2018) Fischer et al. (2015) Schröder et al. (2014)

Proven Cost Reduction

A study of 3,805 participants demonstrated using deprexis® significantly reduces the cost of treating depression for health insurers, while simultaneously reducing depressive symptoms and increasing quality of life in patients.

Gräfe et al. (2020)

Scientifically Replicated

Multiple meta-analyses and systematic reviews have confirmed the scientific evidence gathered in 13 RCTs that deprexis® is an effective treatment for depression.

Twomey et al. (2020) Rogers et al. (2017) Karyotaki et al. (2017) Johansson & Andersson (2012) Richards & Richardson (2012) Cuijpers et al. (2011)

Medical Research Network

USA: University of Texas, Austin; Cedars Sinai Medical Center Los Angeles; University of Massachusetts Medical School

SWEDEN: The Karolinska Institute; Linkoping University

GERMANY: Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE); Charite Universitätsmedizin Berlin; Universität Trier; Universität Tübingen

UK: University of Cambridge; Kings College London; City University, London

FUNDING PARTNERS: the U.S. department of veteran affairs, the U.S. national multiple sclerosis society, the European Union, the European Commission, the German ministry of health, and the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation, the German Association of Psychotherapists (DPTV), major German health insurance companies and several other research centers, universities and hospitals across Europe, the U.S. and other regions.

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